Most websites about individual engines are either because they were famous or are today preserved.

5028 was “Unsung” and is long gone, but she was well liked by the Great Western footplate men who drove and fired her. She worked mainly in the Newton Abbot & Laira Areas.

The following pages trace her story from “Birth” in 1934 to her untimely “Death” in 1960.

Story of 5028 cont’d

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To the left is a castle class engine  waiting by the Quayside at Millbay Docks, close to a tender laden with mailbags.

Below -  On 12th May 1959,  5028 Llantilio Castle climbs out of Millbay having met the SS Colombie from the West Indies.This was truly an Integrated Transport System.
There is also the unusual story of the  Coronation Special 1953 told though magazine letters, a newspaper report, sample passenger lists & an analysis of the type of passengers who disembarked from the Ile De France.
Sadly, Millbay outlived 5028 by just a few years, and closed  as an Ocean Liner Port in June 1963.
The liner arrived on the day of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (2nd June), two days late having been delayed by bad weather and by industrial action by French  seamen - nothing changes!   5028 Hurried the passengers to London.
Summer Saturdays in the mid to late 1950’s were “manic” with holiday trains.The Busiest Day Ever on BR Western Region  gives a few details of 5028’s role that day in July 1957.  First on a double headed passenger train between Penzance and Plymouth, followed by a “perishables” goods train to London.
5028’s accident with a diesel , D602 shown right, in December 1959,  was relatively minor and she could have been repaired.  However, British Rail at that time was rushing headlong into dieselisation,
So she was condemned having travelled 1,345,291 miles or 54 times around the world!

The Accident - The End gives details in Press Cuttings and much more.