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5028 was “Unsung” and is long gone, but she was well liked by the Great Western footplate men who drove and fired her. She worked mainly in the Newton Abbot & Laira Areas.

The following pages trace her story from “Birth” in 1934 to her untimely “Death” in 1960.

Why Llantilio Castle?

Simple. This blurred photograph of 5028 at Plymouth Station in 1959 was the catalyst.

5028 was built by the Great Western Railway at Swindon in 1934.

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The only Castle Class Locomotive to be withdrawn directly as a result of an accident.

Technical information

Detailed information about her  Sheds,Overhauls, Boilers, Tenders, Mileage Statistics and more.

Recollections of Enginemen

together with Letters and Anecdotal Memories of Enthusiasts.

Area of Operation>>

Where did she run?  - Apart from 3 years in the beginning and 3 years at the end when she was based at Laira, 5028 spent 80% of her life at Newton Abbot.

The Accident - the end for 5028.

Condemned after having travelled 1,345,291 miles or 54 times around the world.  Repairs would have been relatively straightforward,  but she was scrapped early because of British Railways’ dieselisation policy.

The Accident  >>


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Click here to see name and number plates at “Steam Museum”, Swindon.